People that have been accused of a crime and arrested is taken to the jail. They usually are arraigned and receive a surety bail bond. As a bail bondsman you will be able to post a bail bond for the defendant and get them out of jail. 

A-AVAILABLE BAIL BONDING COMPANY LLC. is a full service licensed Bail Bonding Agency that writes Local, State, Federal and Immigration bonds. We are expanding into different areas and looking for agents to post bonds. If you are not ready to leave your job or just looking to earn extra money, you can post bonds part time. We can work around your schedule. Applicants looking for a full time career have a high earning potential. We can show you how to operate your own agency and be your own boss.

REQUIREMENTS FOR APPLICANTS: (there may be other state specific requirements)

• 18 years or older
• A resident of the state you are applying for and a US Citizen
• Has no felony convictions or crimes of moral turpitude (some states have a limited time)
• A person of good moral character
• Ethical and Trustworthy

We are also looking for collections and recovery agents. Our collection team are responsible for contacting customers and collecting payments.

Recovery agents make sure our defendants appear in court. If they don't, our agents apprehend them and take them back to jail.

How to become a bail bondsman

A-AVAILABLE BAIL BONDING COMPANY LLC. writes bail bonds, which means "we get people out of jail". We are expanding and is looking for part time and full time agents. If you are looking for a career in bail bonds, join our team.